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g restrictions, I urge you to re-think," said Kluge. EASING OF LOCKDOWN Some European countries have started tentative easing of restrictions or are preparing for it. Denmark announced last week gradually reopening of daycares, kindergartens and part of primary schools, making it the first country in Europe to send their youngest children back to their institutions. The government is expected to expand the reopening by April 20

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ounced the decision to ease the restrictions in three phases from April 27. In Germany, although Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that the general contact restrictions would be extende

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her government eased some measures. As of April 20, shops with up to 800 square meters of sales area would be allowed to open under strict hygiene regulations and restrictions. Car dealers, as well a

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book shops, could open regardless of their sales area. Cypriot cabinet approved on Wednesday a three-stage plan for an exit from the current coronavirus crisis, which aims for the gradual lifting of

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